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Glass Railings


Thought about using glass stairs and railings? It is the perfect addition to any office or residential space. The clean, luxurious look allows light to soar through your area and gives the illusion of greater square footage. All staircases are engineered and installed with strict compliance to the city’s building codes.

Straight and curved glass stairs and railings can be used for private and commercial projects. Therefore the stairs can span over several floors. Our team members are highly qualified experts and we will assist you throughout your whole project. We will provide you with fresh, individual, and innovative, glass staircase designs and ideas or you can provide us with your vision. Our goal is to present all our customers, no matter how big or small the job, a product and service that will satisfy you for many years to come.

Our creative and innovative approach to design along with our attention to detail have made Sierra Glass a sought after supplier of quality glass stairs and railings within the Great Toronto Region. Our clients recognize the value in having a well-designed, quality glass staircase and railings and how it can affect the overall look of your space.

At Sierra Glass, we pride ourselves on our ability to create even the most difficult of designs while not compromising our quality. We believe that you deserve the very best that the industry has to offer, and that’s what we give you.
Our wide variety of services and talents leaves you with an infinite number of possibilities, so feel free to be as creative as you’d like in your requests. With our amazing range of services and competitive prices, you’re sure to become another of our many satisfied customers.

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