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Glass Partitions and Walls


Be inspired by our highly qualified team members as they assist you in your design of space dividers, partitions, and walls. Our professionalism and experience gives us leading hands in all upgrades, and installations. Our team will guide you through the process. Feel exhilarated with project images or select a solution with limitless design possibilities. We are there to assist you in finding that perfect result.

Enjoy our stunning styles for interior and exterior spaces with accents to highlight the design of any project by adding depth and dimension with accent pieces or splashes of frost or colour. Glass is so diverse that you can add it to your decor to find solutions on how to keep that stunning view or how to add refined privacy, but still maintaining an elegant, modern look and feel.

Gorgeous glass partitions and glass walls compliment any environment, whether home or office, residential or commercial to provide the most innovative solutions helping to enhance space and light in every project. Maximize your space for minimal cost of the highest quality tempered glass and  glass hardware. Improve the productivity and atmosphere of your home or office with a variety of designs, glass types and frame finishes.

At Sierra Glass, we provide services from designing and installing to repairing and routine inspection and maintenance of our glass partitions and glass walls. We strive to provide our customers with the best products available on the market according to each customers individual needs and tastes.

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