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Custom Fitted Vanity Mirrors


Mirrors are a great way to make your bathroom space appear larger, brighter, and introduce elegance. As a focal point in your bathroom, a vanity mirror will heighten the whole ambiance of any bathroom. Although most people believe that a large mirror only belongs in a large bathroom; a small bathroom benefits more. You will notice that the mirror will unlock hidden space in your bathroom and add more light. Open up your bathroom by adding a beautiful customized vanity mirror that suits your style and taste.

We know how much time and effort you have put into the design of your bathroom. Why settle for something less than ideal? Design is in the details; let us help you create your perfect vanity mirror.

The arrangement of bathrooms vary, as do vanities, let us come to your home and assist you in customizing your focal point, so you can bask in the elegance that a new, modern, stylish mirror will bring to your bathroom.

After you have designed your mirror with or without our help, we use our specialties to create your custom-built mirror that will put the superb finishing touch to your bathroom. No matter what size or shape, we can cut it to your pattern or model. Our shapes do not stop at rectangles, we have a vast variety of shapes, your vision is our template.

For that extra touch of attractiveness, consider a beveled edge. For instillation our professionals will come to your home and install your newly crafted, personalized vanity mirror.

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