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Our Commitment

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Our Commitment is to you!

We will be happy assist you and answer any questions you may have with regards to glass and mirrors in Toronto. ¬†Once you’ve decided you want a custom glass installation we can normally have it installed with-in 10-15 business days. ¬†Enhance your home or office with our glass installation services in the Greater Toronto Area. We provide quality products at competitive prices.

Glass Factoids

  • Glass originally was made by people in 3000 BC. It was only when Egyptians and Mesopotamians began widely using it that it began to appear in modern forms.
  • Glass is a combination of sand and other material melted together at high temperatures.
  • Legend has it that the production of glass production was begun by ancient sailors. After making a campfire, they discovered that the sand had transformed into glass the next morning.
  • Recyclable glass can reduce air pollution by 20%, and water pollution by 50

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