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DIY Railings

Scenic Railing Series

Century Railings’ Scenic Railing Series provides home and business owners with a functional and reliable aluminum railing system. The Scenic Railing Series is a cost-effective system perfect for decks, restaurants, patios and more. Available in custom colours, the Scenic Railing Series is perfect for home and business owners looking to emphasize their property and beautiful views.

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Picket Railing Series

Century Railings’ Picket Railing Series posses all of the benefits that home and business owners are looking for, which is why it has become a staple for many deck projects. Aluminum picket railings are a much superior railing system compared to wrought iron. Offering safety and dirability, the Picket Railing Series is a cost effectiveness solution with a long life-span.

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Glass Railing Series

Century Railings’ Glass Series is an obvious options for home or business owners that are looking to add elegance to their property. The Glass Series has a sleek finish with a top rail and frame that provides guests support and a sense of security, making this a suitable option for stairs and raised platforms.

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